One day I realized that camera helps me capture people’s most beautiful and most expressive selves. I call it a Character Portrait.


Women’s portraits

Any, literally ANY woman has an inner glow within her. To bring out this glow and to fill the photographs with it is the main purpose of the photo shoot. With just a hint of some studio light that emphasizes your natural shining, your unique Character Portrait is created! These shots are sure to be treasured for generations because they reflect not only your external beauty but also your true spirit – the REAL you! You don’t need to be an experienced model - the more natural you are at the photo session, the more fascinating and genuine are the results!


Men’s portraits

The above-said, of course, applies to men as well as women. While creating a Man’s Character Portrait, my goal is to show the depth of his nature, to reach the most profound and inaccessible aspects of his character and bring them to light. Capturing this inner strength and sensuality will result in sincere photo portraits that will mesmerise anyone who looks at them.